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Turn East, For War Is Near
And I have need of your hate
Thirsty is your vengeance
Hungry is your ambition
Come to my table
and I shall feed you.

~Sauron, The Completely Never Written Rumors of the East

Dusty amd frequent have been your travels for you are not the heirs to your kingdoms. Now those who have turned your victories to dust lay sleeping and quiet, unaware of your approach. If you serve the Dark Lord, you shall be rewarded but to succeed you must defeat the Light itself and bring darkness among the hearts of men.

The Year is 3013 of the Third Age and four would-be heirs to Easterling thrones have been summoned by the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord has a mission for them and if they wish to rule their people,it is a mission they must succeed in. The danger is real and more intense than they know for not all who served Morgoth also serve Sauron…

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Main Page

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